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Episode 17: Show and Tell, Makers and Brothers At Home, BLOCK TV

Show and Tell is a one day creative conference and fair that has it first conference last Saturday. Sebastian Stephenson spoke to Sarah Byrne and Duffy Mooney-Sheppard from We Deux who along with Event creators and website Hunt and Gather, created the event. We talk about how the event went, some of the stalls at the fair part of the event and the state of Christmas fairs today. We also have reports on Makers and Brothers new pop up At Home and look at Block T new platform coming next year Block TV.

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We Deux

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House of Akina

Cupcake Bloke



Segment 1: Makers and Brothers at Home

Makers and Brothers have for the past few years had a christmas pop up in the fumbally exchange. With that space being taken up by Love and Robots this year, the two brothers moved their collection of useful, simply decorated objects for the home into a home. Their home. I spoke with creative director and co-founder Jonathan Legge who talked me though the story of their home and what is in their home.

Makers and Brothers at Home

Segment 2: BLOCK TV

Next Year Block T will be launching Block TV. An online platform that will be used to highlight filmmakers of all persuasions to promote their works. I spoke to the head of production for Block TV, Cormac Browne about the platform and when they would be looking for people. I also spoke to Daniel Kennedy. Writer for the first web series that will be published under Block TV, called Psychedelic Detective, which we will be talking about shortly but first I asked Cormac Browne, who is also the producer of Psychedelic Detective, about Block TV itself.

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