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Episode 6: PhotoIreland 2015, Journey to YU(in the footsteps of Rebecca West), Broadcasting News

Ángel Luis Gonzálaez Fernández is the festival founder and director of PhotoIreland. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to him the day before PhotoIreland 2015 starts. We discuss the underfunding of the festival, image culture in Ireland, the structure of the festival, moving PhotoIreland beyond photography and looking at the broader dimensions of image culture and we finished by looking at some of the Asian and European photographers and photographic events that are part of the main exhibitions. One of the events from Photoireland is the Irish premiere of a radio documentary, we interview the maker to tell us why a radio documentary is at a photography festival and we round up some of the broadcasting developments in Ireland in the past month.

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Segment 1: Journey to YU (in the footsteps of Rebecca West) by Deirdre Mulrooney

And to give you an idea of what Ángel is talking about, we are going to take a break look one a PhotoIreland events that is the Irish premiere of a radio documentary. Its world premier was at the Belgrade Irish Festival and to accompany this documentary is a visual slideshow of photos and archive footage. The documentary maker asked me to help her set up for her screening in the Origin gallery on the 4th July and I got her for a few minutes to talk about her audio documentary.

Journey to YU Event Details on photo ireland website(see bottom of page)

Deirdre Mullrooney personal website with details of screening

Segment 2: Broadcasting News and Developments

To round out this episode of Dublin Creative Review, we will round up the latest news and development in television and radio in Ireland and the TV has come the Irish film and television network website and radio has come

BAI June 2015 Funding Round

UPC Ireland buy TV3

UTV Ireland will revamp visual identity as part of action plan to gain viewers

Internet Radio station FRQ move adds talk radio to lineup