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Episode 42: Rabble, The Tara Building, Guts Magazine "Fight Back" & One Night in Dublin

Rabble is an underground magazine that has been publishing since 2011. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to contributing editor, Jamie Goldrick about Rabble over the years, the challenges of getting an issue out, Rabble's move into video and what's in the upcoming issue 13. We also report on a special issue from Guts Magazine about abortion in Ireland, a talk-though a new co-working space, The Tara Building and check out the first feature film from the Dublin Filmmakers Collective, One Night in Dublin.


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Segment 1: The Tara Building

A new co-working space will be opening this month on Tara street aimed specifically at creative freelancers. It's called the Tara Building and I took a tour of the building with manger, Nichol Gray, as it was being assembled to open gradually this month.

The Tara Building website

The Tara Building Scholarship and Incubation Scheme

Segment 2: Guts Magazine Special Issue "Fight Back"

Guts Magazine finished publishing with their sixth issue back in December 2016 but our printing a special issue on the 7th March. It will be launching in the Library Project and the theme for the special issue is called "Fight Back". The confessional writing magazine is focusing on abortion in Ireland and the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment. I spoke to the editor, Rosin Agnew, about what will be different compared to other issues of Guts Magazine, where this issue fits into that larger conversation on abortion in Ireland and why they are releasing on the 7th March.

Guts Magazine Fight Back issue launch

Guts Magazine website

Segment 3: One Night in Dublin

The Dublin Filmmakers Collective have completed their first feature film. There is a cast and crew screening this month before it is submitted to the festival circuit. The film called "One Night in Dublin" is made up of shorter films to create the story of the city. I spoke to the producer of the film Robert O'Mara about the film, the challenges of working with 12 different scripts from the 40 submitted by the collective. Then the 12 different directors and all those actors and other crew members and what he learned from trying to crowdfund this project but first he starts off by telling me where the idea came from.

One Night in Dublin

One Night in Dublin Screening

Dublin Filmmakers Collective

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