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Episode 10: Kris Nelson from Tiger Fringe Festival 2015, Open Night Cinema, Irish Writers Centre

Kris Nelson, Artistic Director of Dublin Tiger Fringe speaks to Sebastian Stephenson for this edition. We discuss how Kris uses his taste when it comes to designing each years programme; how OTT wresting became apart of this years festival, and how Fringe is looking beyond the Marriage Equality Referendum and Gender Equality Bill in its programme. We also talk about the status of the arts in Canadian and Irish Society. We also talk to Open Night Cinema in their exploration of all elements of cinema, and check in on the Irish Writers Centre autumn courses.

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Segment 1: Open Night Cinema

Open Night Cinema is a pop up film studio that started in June 2015. The co-founders, Michael Higgins and Cillian Roche, created Open Night Cinema as a means to explore the elements that are used to make cinema. Music, performance, dialogue, location, the projector, even the film reel are all under examination in the events they put on. Open Night Cinema would be what is called Expanded Cinema. They have had their events in Inchcore in the Golden Bridge industrial estate before moving into Jamestown industrial estate. I meet Cillian Roche over tea in the Black Horse Inn around the corner from Jamestown industrial estate on a monsoon like Irish august afternoon. Cillian tells us some of the events they have put on so far.

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Segment 2: What's New: Irish Writers Centre

A regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode, I went over to the Irish Writers Centre to talk about their autumn courses they have coming up.

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