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Episode 5: Garrett Fitzgerald from Brother Hubbard, ShotClip, Strange Attractor

Brother Hubbard and Sister Sadie are both award winning cafes doing a lot of things right. Garrett Fitzgerald talks to us about how its done, form the food to the identity to the hospitality. We also talk about the difference between the two cafes, the story behind the cafes, the worry they got from friends and family before the first cafes were opened and then the support afterwards and a whole lot more. We also look at an app that is the ultimate film assistant, Shotclip. Before we say goodbye to Garrett we check the the latest album from Pop/Funk Band form Kerry, Strange Attractor.

Brother Hubbard

Sister Sadie

Segment 1: Shotclip

While I think of another question, we are going to take a look at a service relaunching at the end of April. ShotClip is a Web App with an Android app that is being launched soon, that helps you make better films. By either filming according to a shot list from ShotClip or by gathering people together though the app to shoot and assemble a movie with your friends or the world. I spoke to Conor McNally, the founder of ShotClip to ask exactly what ShotClip is

Shotclip Website Shotclip Facebook page

Segment 2: Strange Attractor

Now we are going to take a break to a new album launch that happened in Dublin. Strange Attractor is pop/funk band that started in Kerry started by a few college students in BIMM, the British and Irish Modern Music Institute. We had a chat with two members of the band to find out about this new release that, in Dublin, was launched in the Sugar Club on the 21st April.