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Episode 40: Maser, State of Book Publishing 2016, Priory Hall EP by White Collar Boy, Television News

Maser has been tagging and striping the streets of Dublin for the past few years. From U ARE ALIVE in Camden Street to the contentious Repeal the 8th mural on Project Arts Centre. Sebastian Stephenson catches up with Maser as he has a new solo exhibition in the Graphic Studio Gallery till the 3rd December. We talk about globe trotting, why he has only talking about the Repeal the 8th now, what is it be a creative individual today and we manage to talk though what's on show as well. We also report on the state of Irish book publishing today, check out White Collar Boy's new EP Priory Hall and give you have an update on television developments.


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Maser in The Graphic Studio Gallery(till 3rd December)

Segment 1: Priory Hall EP by White Collar Boy

White Collar Boy is an electronic duo that has had a 2 year absence and now has released a new EP. This EP is a sample of the album that will be coming up next year. The EP is being released on the 25th of November. The duo's sound is of a very chilled nature. I spoke to Mark Cummins from the duo in his studio on Abbey Street and he gave me a update on why it took so long.

White Collar Boy - Priory Hall on Soundcloud

WHITE COLLAR BOY (LIVE), Presented by Wah Wah Club & This Greedy Pig

Segment 2: The State of Irish Publishing 2016: Publishing Ireland Trade Day 2016

As apart of Dublin Book Festival, the organisers of the event had an industry trade day. Publishing Ireland Trade Day had topics on how to improve your chances of getting press coverage, new copyright and biographical technology news and what the booksellers want from the book publishers. So on the 11th November. I went along to Smock Alley Theatre and listened to the state of publishing in 2016 Ireland.

Post-episode update: Publishing Ireland does not run the Dublin Book Festival. The DBF is run under the auspices of Dublin City Public Libraries and its Dublin UNESCO City of Literature Office.

Publishing Ireland

Segment 3: Television Developments

Over the past few weeks there has been significant developments in the Irish TV Industry so I thought it best to keep you abreast of those developments. All these stories come from the Irish Film and Television Network website.

Interim Examiner Appointed to Irish TV

RTÉ Announce New MD of News and Current Affairs

Andrew Hanlon, Director of News & Information Programming to leave TV3

Virgin Media Receives Approval to Acquire UTV Ireland