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Episode 29: Jo Mangan from National Campaign for The Arts, Coolest Project Awards and Little Gem Recoreds

On the 22nd of June 2016, Niamh Symth TD of Fianna Fáil, put forward a motion to recognise the significance of the arts to Ireland as a state. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Jo Mangan, Chair of the National Campaign for The Arts who attended in the visitor gallery and made the visitor gallery in the Dáil filled with people for the debate. We talk about what was was talked about at the Dáil that afternoon and Jo tells us how the relationship between the Irish Government and the Irish arts sector has improved, even if the funding hasn't. We also report on Coderdojo Coolest Project Awards showing and awarding children technology projects around the world. Finally, we check in on Little Gem Records.

National Campaign for The Arts

Motion of Niamh Symth TD

Transcript of June 22nd Debate

Transcript of Richard Boyd Barrett's Amendment

Video of June 22nd Dáil Debate (Start at 04:40:19 - Ends 06:42:04)

Result of Richard Boyd Barrett's Amendment on 23rd June

Segment 1: Coderdojo Coolest Project Awards 2016

On the 18th June, the RDS was hosting the Coderdojo Coolest Projects Awards, Its an event run by Coderdojo. This event brings all these learning to program groups, which are called Coderdojos', together and to showcase their tech projects not only to judges but also to other Coderdojo members all from around the world. To give you a sample of the day, here is a little bit I recorded from the pitching stage where the members of the dojos' called Ninjas, pitched their project for as many Innovation Dollars as they asked for.

Winners and Runner-ups from the 2016 Awards

Coderdojo Coolest Projects Awards website

Coolest Projects on Twitter

Segment 2: What's New: Little Gem Records

A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. This episode, we go to No. 18 Kildare Street and check out Little Gem Records.

Little Gem Records

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