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Episode 2: Seven Woods, Franc Magazine, What’s New in All City Records

This week Sebastian talks to Niamh Banks, the owner of Seven Woods, a lifestyle and wellness company stocked full of lovingly crafted items. We also check in on the launch of FRANC, a brand new fashion magazine. Finally, we check out All City Records, before leaving you with some picks for JDIFF.

Segment 1: Franc Magazine

 A new print bi-annual magazine launched on the 5th of March. It's called Franc ( thats F-R-A-N-C). Franc looks at fashion from an intellectual and aesthical point of view. Featuring an essay on the relationship between fashion and insecurity, a photoshoot with Dublin based makers of longborads out on the tear, to a article on the virtue of Brikenstock sandals. I talked to the editors of Franc, about the process to launch a free magazine, how they got American Apperal to advertise in issue one and what make this fashion magazine different, so what are your names? 

Segment 2: What's New: All City Records

Each edition of Dublin Creative Review we look at what a publisher, record label, game developer, creative agency are putting out into the world and seeing what they have got coming the up pipline, for this edition we talk to All City Records, A Dublin Based Record label and Shop. Eoghan Dalton finds out more.