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Episode 18: The Forgotten Zine Archive, JRM 168, Ireland 2016 Programme

For the final episode of 2015, Sebastian Stephenson spoke to Tom Maher from The Forgotten Zine Archive. The Archive has just recently moved into A4 Sounds and we talk about the state of the Zine today and the history of the Zine and how its not a 90's way of saying magazine. We pour though some of the recent additions to the archive such as a Zine all about Bruce Springsteen's butt, a 14th Century Utopia and a love story about the inventor of the Theremin. We also look towards 2016 with reports on a new curatorial visual art project focusing on Video (and also not) and look at some of the events happening as part of the Ireland 2016 programme.

Dublin Creative Review will return in February 2016

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Segment 1: JRM 168

Next year their will be the launch of a new curatorial project called JRM168. Its manifesto is to focus on contemporary art from established and emerging artists. Most of the artists are circling around NCAD, where the creator of the project, Joseph Murphy, is currently studying. I talked to Joseph in his shared studio, about whats coming up as part of the project and dug deeper into the manifesto such as why JRM168 has a focus on video but also why its interested in not being medium specific.

JRM168 manifesto

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Segment 2: Ireland 2016 Programme

Sebastian Stephenson looks though some of the events that will be happen as part of the cultural expression strand of the Ireland 2016 Programme next year.

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