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Episode 8: Irish Design 2015 Special, Blueprint Talks, Fresh Talent Exhibition, Liqour Rooms

An Irish Design 2015 Special. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to CEO of Irish Design 2015, Karen Hennessy about the year and its conception. We discusses the programme domestically to internationally, public facing to enterprise leading. We also review the past 6 months and look ahead to the next 6. We have reports about some of the events that are apart of Irish design 2015: We look at Indigo and Cloth and Making Spaces' talk series; Blueprint Talks, we also check out the Fresh Talent exhibition, showcasing the best of Irish talent across a electric mix of disciplines. Finally we chill out with a whiskey galore punch at the Liquor Rooms talks series.

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Segment 1: Blueprint Talks

Creative Agencies, Indigo and Cloth and Making Space, are running Blueprint Talks for their contribution to Irish Design 2015. This year long talk series are hosted in Indigo and Cloth's shop after hours. I spoke to Orlaith Ross from Making Space to talk a bit more about the series.

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Segment 2: Fresh Talent Exhibition

One of the highlights of Irish design 2015 is the Fresh Talent exhibition. Showcasing the work of graduates who graduated in the last three years, the exhibition ranges from medical drones pods, to shelfs that you warp you body around to movie props. Angela O'Kelly, the curator of the exhibition, takes me on a walkthrough thought the exhibition space to talk about a handful of the exhibits on display.

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Segment 3: Cocktails+Design talk series at the Liquor Rooms

We are going to look at a talk series now that is happening throughout the year as part of Irish Design 2015. The Liquor Rooms is running talks looking at the intersection of the drinks industry and design. They have had events such as Cocktails and Media and Cocktails and Film. This event I went to report on was on Cocktails and Craft.

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