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Episode 22: Mark Haze from, BrightClub Dublin, 1815 Magazine, Connector Hub

Mark Hayes is the creator of Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Mark about how ClearHaze came out of the lack of TV opportunities in Ireland to do what he wanted. We also talk about some of the content they have done such as reports on refugee camps in France, an interview with a Irishman who went to fight The Islamic State and the Trinity College Dublin Harry Potter Train party. We also discuss the state of Irish dining along the way and look at their most popular video; the Limerick City's Suicide Patrol. We also have reports on the latest issue of 1815 Magazine, a stand up night that turns academic researchers into comedians and we check out Connector Cafe, a creative hub right in the centre of Dublin.

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Interview with the Irishman who went to fight the Islamic State

TCD Hogwarts Express

Limerick City Suicide Patrol

Segment 1: BrightClub Dublin

BrightClub is bringing idea-driving entertainment to Dublin. What does that mean? It means having academics, comedians and musicians all performing on stage and the academics communicate their research or experiences though stand up comedy. BrightClub is originally from the UK but Jessamyn Fairfield is the organiser for BrightClub Dublin, I spoke to her about what was happening the night I went to 4 Dame Lame where they were hosting that particular night and talked about tutoring the academics in comedy and their willingness to take part.

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Segment 2: 1815 Magazine

1815 Magazine recently released issue 4. What is 1-8-1-5 Magazine(not 1815 as I first thought it was called)? It was created by its 3 editors to showcase their own creative work as photographers but also expands to include writing and illustration. I spoke to the three editors before their launch party in The Hacienda Bar on Arran Street, about what's in issue 4 and what they have learned to keep the magazine going but first lets introduce them.

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Places where 1815 Magazine is stocked:

  1. All City Records

  2. Gallery of Photography

  3. The Library Project

  4. The Winding Stair bookshop

Segment 3: Connector Cafe

Connector Cafe is a space for creatives to work and network and support each other in their projects. Connector's focus is on their creative hub but it's also a digital agency that works with brands who want to be associated with what happening in Dublin. I spoke to Conor Lynch from Connector in the evening when they were hosting two photography events. One in the Connector Cafe space and the other in a pair of Oculus Rifts: I spoke to Conor about where the idea for the cafe come from and a bit more about the event that night.

Connector Cafe