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Episode 35: Gays Against the Free State, LEG OVER SOIL by GUM Collective, Yangaroo Music Ireland

Oisín McKenna and Seamus Ryan are apart of the Gays Against the Free State. A Dublin Tiger Fringe Festival production that examines queer activism and the Irish republic movement today and in the past. Oisín McKenna who is the writer and one of the performers for the show, talks about where the idea came from and the similarities and differences between the two agendas. Seamus composed the music that to be performed live and why he feels music should be preformed live for theatre. Oísin also talk about his spoken word collective PETTYCASH and how it has grown. We also have reports on a exhibition by Gum Collective that explores the moment and we check out Yangaroo Music Ireland which may be able to shake up the dynamic between Irish musicians and Irish media.

Gays Against the Free State Dublin Tiger Fringe Festival page

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Segment 1: LEG OVER SOIL by Gum Collective

The Gum Collective has been running their exhibition LEG OVER SOIL in MART. All the works are all based on the notion of "the moment". The collective was formed by graduating art students in 2013 that originally focused on printmaking but expanded to a variety of mediums. One of the members Aaron Smyth gave me a talk-though on some of the works on show before the exhibition was set to open. We started with a piece by Alex DeRoeck that I described like this.

LEG OVER SOIL Exhibition

GUM Collective website

Segment 2: Yangaroo Music Ireland

A new service has launched that may get more Irish musicians on Irish media. Yangaroo Music Ireland is a service that streamlines how musicians and labels can present and expose the works to radio, tv, print and internet outlets, small and large. Media and musicians sign up to the service with the music industry sending on new music and media receiving it in a organised manner. Making it easier for artists to be heard. I spoke to the CEO of Yangaroo Music Ireland, Sinead Troy who also runs the Irish Association of Songwriters, Composers and Authors or IASCA for short, about where the idea came from.

Yangaroo Music

PLAY IRISH initiative from which Yangaroo Music Ireland comes from