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Episode 4: Review of what we are watching/playing/listening/reading, Socialist Styles

No guest this week. We tried our best. John Wick is a good solid action movie directed by two stuntmen. Root + Bone is an excellent free food culture magazine. Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food & Wine's programme is a newspaper that is wasted. A priest, drag queen and current affairs broadcaster walk into a Soundings podcast. The Monocle Arts Review for Sebastian suits him but Monocle 24 isn't perfect. Munch and Gargle is an excellent dead podcast. Karl Marx and Harry Styles in image macro matrimony. Recomendations from the Irish Film Institute and the Expierence Japan Festival 2015.

John Wick

Root + Bone Magazine

Kerrygold Ballyamloe Literary Festival of Food & Wine

Soundings Podcast

The Monocle Arts Review

Monocle 24

Munch and Gargle

Segment 1: Socialist Styles

So we take a break from our reviews of creative works to look a intreging visual art project on Facebook. Socialist Styles is the concept of Eleanor White. A artist/general creative. Socialist Styles is image macros, of photos of Harry Styles, member of One Direction, and passages of socialist literature in rainbow text (in particular Karl Marx writings). Picture this a photo of a young Harry Styles chewing on a Harry Styles One Direction doll and rainbow colored text at the bottom saying "Reason has always exsisted but not in a reasonable form." Another example is is a photo of Harry in a studio set up, well lid, posing and being cute with rainbow text below saying "Every individual capital forms, however, but an individualised fraction, a fraction endowed with individual life, as it were, of the aggregate social capital, just as every individual capitalist is but an individual element of the capitalist class." My interview with Eleanor is no where near as wordy as that but I asked how did Elneaor come up with the idea.