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Episode 28: Dublin Commissioner for Startups, The Chocolate Factory, Eatily and Arts Funding

Niamh Bushnell is the Dublin Commissioner for Startups. A non-profit group that advocates for Dublin as a tech start up hub. Sebastian Stephenson talks to Niamh about the state of starting up in Dublin. We talk about what ways they promote Dublin as a tech hub and make it a better place to be a start up in Dublin. We also discuss the amount of women founders that are in Ireland considering techs diversity problem. We also check in on what's happening in creative space, the Chocolate Factory; talk to Oliver Dunne the day when he is opening his new italian pop up, Eatily and talk though Arts Council funding that is going to opened up soon.

Startup Dublin website

Dublin Globe

Niamh Bushnell's Twitter account

Segment 1: What's New: The Chocolate Factory

A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode we speak Val Rutledge, founder of creative space The Chocolate Factory to see what happening at the factory.

Resident Profiles from The Chocolate Factory website

Blas Cafe

Segment 2: Eatily by Oliver Dunne

Eatily is a new pop up that opened on No. 40 Parliament Street this Wednesday the 8th June and opens from Wednesday to Saturday for 16 nights. It is looking to present Italian cuisine beyond the well trodden, pizza and pasta. The Italian pop up is by Oliver Dunne who is also the chef of Bon Appetite and Cleaver East. I spoke to Oliver in No. 40 Parliament Street, the day Eatily was set to open for the first time. He tells me about where the idea came from.

Eatily Website

Eatily Facebook page

Eatily Twitter page

Segment 3: Arts Council Funding June 2016

Sebastian Stephenson talks though some Arts Council funding that is coming soon.

Artist in the Community Scheme

Bursary Awards Mentioned

Project Awards

Episode 27: Ensemble Music, Glitch Festival 2016, Junior Magazine, Kojaque's Sunday Roast Mixtape

Rob Farhat is the co-founder of Ensemble Music. A music company that support artists who take musical risks, while providing them with good business, marketing, and production support. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Rob about how they are moving to become a record label and what that means. We discuss what kind of sound ensemble looks(we can say that genre fusion-ing is not it). We also talk though their collaborations with artists and some of the more integrated relationships including the their partnership with the Late Conor Walsh. We also have reports on the 2016 Digital Arts Festival, Glitch. We check in with the co-founder of new photographic journal Junior as they launch their first issue and we check out Hiphip artist Kojaque and his Sunday Roast Mixtape.

Ensemble Website

Ensemble on Facebook

Ensemble on Twitter

Artists mentioned

  1. Alarmist
  2. Conor Walsh

Segment 1: Glitch Festival 2016

The 2016 Glitch Festival's theme this year is risk and are tackling the issue of women in media and tech. The digital arts festival is running in two galleries, Rua Red in Taillight and Rathmines-based MART. I went down to Rua Red and talked to Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin, who are curating this years festival and I asked what they were setting up when I arrived.

Glitch Festival 2016 Events in Rua Red

Glitch Festival 2016 Event in MART

Segment 2: Junior Magazine

A new photographic journal called Junior is launching on the 27th May in The Library Project. Junior profiles and highlights young irish photographers. I spoke to the two founders of the magazine, George Voronov and Ellis Grace outside Coffee Angel on a busy Leinster Street and we talked about what this journal offers is relation to the other Irish photographic journals and where the idea come from.

Junior Magazine Facebook page

Junior Magazine Instagram

Junior Magazine YouTube account

Segment 3: Kojaque's Sunday Roast Mixtape

Back in April, hiphop artist Kojaque released a body of tracks called Sunday Roast Mixtape. I meet up with Kojaque in Roasted Brown and we talked about his recent release.

Download Sunday Roast Mixtape

Kojaque on Soundcloud

Kojaque on YouTube

Kojaque on Twitter

Kojaque on Facebook

Episode 26: Chupi Sweetman, The New Irish Playbook and VR Community Ireland

Chupi Sweetman has recently opened a new store. Showcasing the best contemporary Irish products in a collaboration with Lisa Nolan from We Are Islanders. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Chupi about [ MADE ] and what its role in the Irish retail scene is. We also talk about her jewellery brand, Chupi and her food writing with the book, What to Eat When You Can't Eat Anything and we ponder if her home schooling had any impact on her multiple successes and we discuss the competing narratives of Ireland either being a nation or self starters or complainers. We also report on a new theatre series called the New Irish Playbook and we check in on a meet up that has Dubliners look at the what can be done with Virtual Reality.


[ MADE ] in Powerscourt Centre

[ MADE ] Instagram account

Segment 1: The New Irish Playbook

The New Irish Playbook is a week long theatre event of debuting directors and upcoming actors and writers. Showcasing 6 short productions each evening with one of the 6 slots switching out between 2 different plays. I spoke to the producer of the night from Little Shadow Theatre Company, Joe O'Neill. We talked about the works themselves and I asked from the open submission call for the night, was their a common thread between the submitted scripts.

The New Irish Playbook Event

Little Shadow Theatre Company Facebook Page

Little Shadow Theatre Company Twitter Page

Segment 2: VR Community Ireland

2016 is now the year of VR, since we now have the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive both released a few months ago. So what are people in Dublin doing with virtual reality and what can be done with it? Their is a new group set up that is focused exactly on these questions. I went to the 4th meet up in filmbase and spoke to the organiser of the group and also tried out some of the demonstrations.

VR Community Group on Facebook

Episode 25: District Magazine, The Souvenir Shop and Mr Jenks Spring Summer 2016 Collection

District Magazine is having their launch party after 3 years of publishing online. Sebastian Stephenson asks why now. District Magazine is a digital magazine that focuses on the internal and external influences in Ireland. The editors Eric Davidson and Craig Connelly speak about the relationship between identity and music festivals, their distinctive website and how District Magazine has changed editorially. We also report on an Ireland 2016 art installation that productises the revolution at The Souvenir Shop and we check out the spring/summer 2016 collection of bright pocket squares from Mr Jenks.

District Magazine

District Magazine on Facebook

District Magazine on Instagram

District Magazine on Twitter

Segment 1: The Souvenir Shop

In No.11 North Great Georges Street, the revolution has been productised. The Souvenir Shop is a commission by the Arts Council that has the artist Rita Duffy, along with curator Helen Carey, divise products that can and bottle our political past and even our immediate present. After passing though the dissident republications 1916 parade on O'Connell Street, I meet Rita in No 11 the day before the shop was set to open and talked though what remedies and goods were on offer.

The Souvenir Shop website

The Souvenir Shop on Facebook

Segment 2: Mr Jenks' Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Mr Jenks is a Dublin-based accessories brand that was established in 2015 and creates bright flamboyant pockets squares. They have recently released their spring summer 2016 collection and I spoke to William Jenkins and Maeve Elliott at the Castleknock hotel to talk though their collection and find out about the story behind the Mr Jenks brand.

Mr. Jenks website

Pocket square described in interview

Episode 24: 100 Archive 2015 Selection, Fillit and check-in with Homebeat's Thirty Four cafe

The 2015 100 Archive was made public last week. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to one of the co-founders of the 100 Archive to comment on this year selection. The 100 Archive is a collected history of Irish design. Scott Burnett from Studio AAD is with us to talk about some of the 100 entries added for 2015 such as the YES equality campaign, Irish Design 2015, Teeling Whiskey, RTE and BBC Projects and more. We also report on a new start up that is looking to be the Airbnb of venue hire and check-in on Thirty Four cafe selling Irish produced music.

100 Archive: 2015 Selection

Entries discussed in order

  1. Yes Equality
  2. ID2015 Visual Identity
  3. ID2015 Design Island app
  4. ID2015 Travelling Exhibition
  5. Skoff by Donal Skehan
  6. Teeling Whiskey brand strategy
  7. Linn Dara
  8. H&G website
  9. RTE Player International app
  10. BBC Moments

##Segment 1: Fillit
Have you got a spare space or venue that you like to hire out for uses such as book launches, film locations or just provide a place for private events? Fillit may be a good place to start. It's a start up that allows you to post your space on their online platform so you can hire it out. Gianni Clifford, creative director of Fillit, tells us the types of spaces they are looking for and the levels of control landlords have on the platform but first he tells us who their looking for to hire out the spaces.

Fillit website

##Segment 2: What's New: Thirty Four cafe
A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode we head to recently opened cafe run by Music Production and Promotion company HomeBeat, Thirty Four cafe.

Thirty Four cafe

Episode 23: Peachy Dublin, Waking The Feminists, Music Current & Film Gorillas

Peachy Dublin is a creative collective. Started last year with a exhibition on Dublin's mental health, their focus is on creating works that require audience participation. Sebastian Stephenson talks to the collective about the work they have done over the past year including work with the Beatyard Festival, and better together project then we talk about the new work for 2016 based on fear. We also report on a new electronic and contemporary repertoire music festival; Music Current, a new film production company that is focused on getting young filmmakers distributed called FilmGorillas and we check-in to see what's been happening with Waking The Feminists.

Peachy Dublin

Peachy's Instagram account

Peachy's Facebook page

Peachy's Twitter Page

Segment 1: Music Current

Dublin Sound Lab, a music group that create concerts that use electronics and computers alongside instruments, are presenting Music Current, a festival that presents Irish electronic music and contemporary international repertoire. I spoke to Fergal Dowling from Dublin Sound Lab on a Wednesday morning in the Library Bar in the Central Hotel on Exchequer Street, about what's coming up in the festival and what he doesn't mean when he says electronic music.

Music Current 2016

Dublin Sound Lab

Segment 2: FilmGorillas

FilmGorilas is currently a group of filmmakers that are aspiring to be a production company. They are focused on getting films made by young people seen in Ireland. The have a distribution deal with the IFI and more coming in the future. They recently released their first trailer for their first short film, Candlelight. I spoke to two co-creators of FilmGoillas to find out where the idea come from and what the first film is about.

FilmGorillas Facebook page

Trailer for Candlelight

Segment 3: WTF is #WTF doing?

On the 12th November 2015, the Waking the Feminists movement had their first public meeting in the Abbey Theatre but what happened since? WTF had another public meeting on the 8th March as a check-in for the public to say what has been happening. I spoke to Lian Bell form Waking the Feminists and she told me in the project arts centre on a sunny-ish afternoon about the solutions that have been mulled over the past few months and what is the role of WTF in the future.

#WTF International Women's Day Spring Forward meeting

Waking the Feminists website

Waking the Feminists facebook page

Waking the Feminists twitter

Episode 22: Mark Haze from ClearHaze.ie, BrightClub Dublin, 1815 Magazine, Connector Hub

Mark Hayes is the creator of ClearHaze.ie. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Mark about how ClearHaze came out of the lack of TV opportunities in Ireland to do what he wanted. We also talk about some of the content they have done such as reports on refugee camps in France, an interview with a Irishman who went to fight The Islamic State and the Trinity College Dublin Harry Potter Train party. We also discuss the state of Irish dining along the way and look at their most popular video; the Limerick City's Suicide Patrol. We also have reports on the latest issue of 1815 Magazine, a stand up night that turns academic researchers into comedians and we check out Connector Cafe, a creative hub right in the centre of Dublin.


ClearHaze on YouTube

ClearHaze on Facebook

ClearHaze on Twitter

Interview with the Irishman who went to fight the Islamic State

TCD Hogwarts Express

Limerick City Suicide Patrol

Segment 1: BrightClub Dublin

BrightClub is bringing idea-driving entertainment to Dublin. What does that mean? It means having academics, comedians and musicians all performing on stage and the academics communicate their research or experiences though stand up comedy. BrightClub is originally from the UK but Jessamyn Fairfield is the organiser for BrightClub Dublin, I spoke to her about what was happening the night I went to 4 Dame Lame where they were hosting that particular night and talked about tutoring the academics in comedy and their willingness to take part.

BrightClub Dublin Twitter

BrightClub Dublin Facebook

Segment 2: 1815 Magazine

1815 Magazine recently released issue 4. What is 1-8-1-5 Magazine(not 1815 as I first thought it was called)? It was created by its 3 editors to showcase their own creative work as photographers but also expands to include writing and illustration. I spoke to the three editors before their launch party in The Hacienda Bar on Arran Street, about what's in issue 4 and what they have learned to keep the magazine going but first lets introduce them.

1815 Magazine on Facebook

1815 Magazine on Instagram

Places where 1815 Magazine is stocked:

  1. All City Records

  2. Gallery of Photography

  3. The Library Project

  4. The Winding Stair bookshop

Segment 3: Connector Cafe

Connector Cafe is a space for creatives to work and network and support each other in their projects. Connector's focus is on their creative hub but it's also a digital agency that works with brands who want to be associated with what happening in Dublin. I spoke to Conor Lynch from Connector in the evening when they were hosting two photography events. One in the Connector Cafe space and the other in a pair of Oculus Rifts: I spoke to Conor about where the idea for the cafe come from and a bit more about the event that night.

Connector Cafe

Episode 21: David Wall from Workgroup, F_Festival and what's new in Indigo and Cloth

David Wall is a co-founder of Workgroup. Formerly under the name of Conor & David, Sebastian Stephenson talks to David about the works produced for clients such as 3FE, Kilkenny Limestone and the Úll conference. David talks about how doing work for theatre companies gave them the credibility they have today along with discussing some of their own projects such their own typefaces under TypeGroup and their involvement with the Tingbot project. We also report on a festival showcasing creative women in the arts and beyond called F_Festival and we check in on menswear store Indigo and Cloth.

Workgroup website

Workgroup Twitter

David Wall's Twitter

Segment 1: F_Festival 2016

Last year the question of women in Irish theatre was raised by the Waking The Feminists movement but what about the rest of the arts? This is where F_Festival comes in. Conceived by the group running it after International Women's Day 2015, it showcases creative women in comedy, film, art and music and a bit beyond the arts categories in the talks section. I spoke to Jana Platau-Wagner and Jack Olohan who are apart of the F_Festival team. We talked about where did the idea come from, is there a relationship to Waking the Feminists movement and what is actually coming up as part of the festival.

F_Festival Facebook event

F_Festival podcast on Radiomade.ie

F_Festival Facebook

F_Festival Twitter

Segment 2: What's New: Indigo and Cloth

A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode we pop-in to Indigo and Cloth to check out what's in stock.

Indigo and Cloth

INSTRMNT 01 B RG/B (Rose Gold/Brown) Watch

Derek Wilson x Indigo and Cloth ceramics

'Duibhlinn' Print

Episode 20: New Dublin Press, Scene + Heard, Lime Street Music

Jonathan Creasy is co-founder of New Dublin Press. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to this week guest and talked about what New Dublin Press is, what has changed over the 4 years since it was set up, why poetry is so compatible with digital culture but has yet to be used widely online and we also talk about the difficulty of being a full time musician in Ireland. We also report on the theme that have surfaced during the new works-in-progress festival, Scene + Heard and we check out a Berlin Bar night that showcases new Dublin Based Record labels.

New Dublin Press

New Dublin Press twitter

New Dublin Press facebook

PANDAEMONIUM piece from New Dublin Press

Segment 1: Scene + Heard

At the moment in Smock Alley, there is a new works-in-progress festival that is filling the void left behind by other festivals. What makes Scene + Heard different is that it focuses beyond theatre and goes into all live performance arts such as spoken word, live music and comedy. It also places a big emphasis on audience critique with video booths and social media campaigns to find out what you thought. I spoke the producer of Scene + Heard, Caoimhe Connolly about some of the themes that surfaced from this years submissions and talk about the gap Scene + Heard is filling left behind by other festivals.

Scene + Heard festival

Segment 2: Label Nites in Berlin Cafe & Bierhaus; Lime Street Music

Their is a new semi-regular night in Berlin on Clarendon Street, that showcases some Dubiln based record labels. The first night was on February the 13th and was showcasing Lime Street Music debuting its first EP. I spoke to the label owner David Hargadon outside Berlin the night they were setting up the vinyl display in the bar and he talked to me about how he set up the label and what the goal is for Lime Street music.

Note: So turns out, calling it a Dublin based record label night was not quite accurate. Its definitely showcasing record labels but not exclusively from Dublin, its from Ireland as a nation and then the person running the night is hoping that it can go beyond Ireland. Lime Street Music is Dublin based though. Sorry for the inaccuracy.

Tracks played in report in order:

  1. A2. Jungle Trip by Marvis Dee
  2. A1. Dreams Of Another Planet by Marvis Dee

Lime Street Music's Soundcloud page

Music Distributer mentioned in report

Berlin on Clarendon Street Facebook page

Berlin on Clarendon Street Twitter Page

Episode 19: Cian O'Brien of Project Arts Centre, Block T's future, usheru and creative courses for 2016

Cian O'Brien is the Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre. Our first guest for 2016 discusses with Sebastian Stephenson what has learned the past year and the past five as the head of Project Arts, why 2016 is going to be a good year for the arts, and what is happening in the Project Arts Centre for its 50th year run. We also report on the future of Block T in light of its closure in Haymarket House, we look at the launch of new app that will find your new favourite film(and a film distributor find a new favourite demographic), and we look at some new creative courses available in spring 2016.

Project Arts Centre website

Cian O'Brien Twitter

Segment 1: Block T moving out of Haymarket House

Back in January, Dublin learned that Block T would be moving out of its premises. Born in the recession and has become a independent creative development space that has let creative businesses boom, festivals thrive and let creatives work on a new project or learn a new skill. It has been in its current premises in Haymarket House for 6 years. So what's next for Block T? I spoke the two cofounders of Block T to discuss what is the future for Block T, how their request for spaces has gone so far and how is came to this in the first place.

Block T on Twitter

Block T on Facebook

BlockTV report on Dublin Creative Review

Segment 2: usheru

A new app has launched in Dublin and its called Usheru. It allows you to keep track of film events, film festivals and ordinary cinema listings. In time it will also have exclusive events that are only available though Usheru. You then can buy the tickets for your screening in the app and then rate the film. That data is then used to make sure you don't miss that film you would just love. It's also aggregated to give cinema and film distributers a overview of what audiences there are for their films. Giving the film industry hard information about what the audience wants. The app first launched in London and I asked one of the founders, Oliver Fegan, why then the next city on the list was Dublin.


usheru on iOS

usheru on Android

usheru on Facebook

usheru on Twitter

Segment 3: Course for 2016

Sebastian Stephenson talks though some of the courses that around over spring 2016.

Stone Lithography Workshop by Independent Editions

BLOCK T Skillsets: Sewing Machine Basics - Re-Purposing Old Clothes

Filmmaking Essentials: 5 Days, 5 Skills in Filmbase

Big Smoke Drop-in one hour writing class

Episode 18: The Forgotten Zine Archive, JRM 168, Ireland 2016 Programme

For the final episode of 2015, Sebastian Stephenson spoke to Tom Maher from The Forgotten Zine Archive. The Archive has just recently moved into A4 Sounds and we talk about the state of the Zine today and the history of the Zine and how its not a 90's way of saying magazine. We pour though some of the recent additions to the archive such as a Zine all about Bruce Springsteen's butt, a 14th Century Utopia and a love story about the inventor of the Theremin. We also look towards 2016 with reports on a new curatorial visual art project focusing on Video (and also not) and look at some of the events happening as part of the Ireland 2016 programme.

Dublin Creative Review will return in February 2016

The Forgotten Zine Archive Facebook page

The Forgotten Zine Archive Twitter

Segment 1: JRM 168

Next year their will be the launch of a new curatorial project called JRM168. Its manifesto is to focus on contemporary art from established and emerging artists. Most of the artists are circling around NCAD, where the creator of the project, Joseph Murphy, is currently studying. I talked to Joseph in his shared studio, about whats coming up as part of the project and dug deeper into the manifesto such as why JRM168 has a focus on video but also why its interested in not being medium specific.

JRM168 manifesto

JRM168 Facebook page

Segment 2: Ireland 2016 Programme

Sebastian Stephenson looks though some of the events that will be happen as part of the cultural expression strand of the Ireland 2016 Programme next year.

Ireland 2016 website


Who Do We Think We Are? Exploring Collective Identities

In the Shadow of the State

Imaging Home series

Episode 17: Show and Tell, Makers and Brothers At Home, BLOCK TV

Show and Tell is a one day creative conference and fair that has it first conference last Saturday. Sebastian Stephenson spoke to Sarah Byrne and Duffy Mooney-Sheppard from We Deux who along with Event creators and website Hunt and Gather, created the event. We talk about how the event went, some of the stalls at the fair part of the event and the state of Christmas fairs today. We also have reports on Makers and Brothers new pop up At Home and look at Block T new platform coming next year Block TV.

Show and Tell Website

We Deux

Stalls mentioned

House of Akina

Cupcake Bloke



Segment 1: Makers and Brothers at Home

Makers and Brothers have for the past few years had a christmas pop up in the fumbally exchange. With that space being taken up by Love and Robots this year, the two brothers moved their collection of useful, simply decorated objects for the home into a home. Their home. I spoke with creative director and co-founder Jonathan Legge who talked me though the story of their home and what is in their home.

Makers and Brothers at Home

Segment 2: BLOCK TV

Next Year Block T will be launching Block TV. An online platform that will be used to highlight filmmakers of all persuasions to promote their works. I spoke to the head of production for Block TV, Cormac Browne about the platform and when they would be looking for people. I also spoke to Daniel Kennedy. Writer for the first web series that will be published under Block TV, called Psychedelic Detective, which we will be talking about shortly but first I asked Cormac Browne, who is also the producer of Psychedelic Detective, about Block TV itself.

Psychedelic Detective on Facebook

Block T on Facebook

Block TV on Twitter

Block TV on Vimeo

Episode 16: Jack Murray from MediaHQ, Dublin Art Book Fair 2015, Nu

This episode is a little bit different. Sebastian Stephenson has been working on Dub Web Fest all weekend so he managed to record one of the presentations. The presentation is by Jack Murray, CEO of MediaHQ. It about how to create insanely engaging content. There is a lot more to it. John goes from talking about weather you are lettuce business or apple business (not an Apple business) to injected creatively into your working life. We also have reports on a new fashion start up called Nu that looks at what happens after you have brought a piece of clothing and we check in on some of the print works on show at the Dublin Art Book Fair.

Dublin Web Fest


Segment 1: Dublin Art Book Fair 2015

The Dublin Art Book fair is in its 5th year now. It presents and sell magazines and books about the art world but also books and magazines that are artworks in of themselves. The scope of the fair is national and international but when I went and talked though some of the works at the fair, me and Sophie Behal, curator of the Dublin Art Book Fair, focused on the print based artworks made right here in Dublin.

Dublin Art Book Fair 2015

Segment 2: Nu

Most fashion business that market themselves for their ethical conduct of business, usually focus on clothing from them but Nu which is launching on the 22nd November is looking at what happens after you buy a garment. Call it Ethical Retailing. Nu has been shortlisted for various entrepreneur awards in the lead up to its launch. So what do Nu do? well I spoke to Asling Byrne, one of the founders to tell me what they are going to be doing.

Nu on Facebook

Nu on Twitter

Episode 15: Nowhere, Arckit, Arts Council funding for 2015

With Nowhere at its one year anniversary, Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Brian Telling, one of the co-founders of Nowhere menswear store. We see how the store is doing after 1 year, we discuss the purpose of the store which is challenging and questioning what masculinity is and can be. We also of course talk though some of the items in the store(from €250 Tracksuit trouser to the perfect jumper for a Shannon airport protest) and the hardest question for Brian; what masculinity means to him. We also report on a architecture modelling kit called Arckit and talk though some of the funding opportunities still available from the Arts Council.

Nowhere Website

Nowhere Podcast

Nowhere Twitter

Nowhere Instagram

Segment 1: ArcKit

ArcKit is described by Damien Murtagh as a working tool. ArcKit, the Arc for Architecture and Kit for kit, is a tool to figure out and work though designing spaces. Using model components that unlike traditional architectural models, can be moved around and rearranged with no effort. However ArcKit is not strictly a physical tool, in fact you can layout with the same model components inside Sketchup and Autodesk's Revit. However Damien tells me it not just architects that are you using the kit.

ArcKit Website

ArcKit Twitter

ArcKit Facebook

Segment 2: Arts Council 2015 Funding Applications

Sebastian Stephenson talks though some of the Arts Council funding applications that are still open for the year.

Artist in the community scheme bursary award


Touring and dissemination of work scheme

Touring and dissemination of work scheme - advance planning 2017

Young people, children, and education programme activity fund

Episode 14: Experimental Film Society, Five Decades in Focus, 2039 Exhibition

Rouzbeh Rashid and Maximilian Le Cain are members of the Experimental Film Society. Sebastian Stephenson discusses their perspective on the medium of film, how EFS moved from Iran to Ireland, how they don't make "experimental cinema" but film and we also talk about their latest or upcoming works; Rouzbeh's Trailers and Max's Cloud of Skin. This episode also checks in on a book launch for the Focus Theatre's latest photo book which shows the 50 years of theatre they have produced. We also walkthrough an exhibition dedicated to an asteroid and we profile spoken word artists for a collaboration with Dublin Inquirer.

Experimental Film Society website

Experimental Film Society video on demand

Experimental Film Society Facebook

Experimental Film Society Twitter

Segment 1: Five Decades in Focus - A Photographic history of Ireland's Stanislavski Theatre

On Wednesday the 14th October, the New Theatre was hosting a book launch. That book launch was a photo book to celebrate 50 years of pushing the standard for Irish theatre up. Five Decades in Focus is a photographic archive of the output of the theatre that introduced modern actor training to Ireland, known as Stanislavsky. I should disclose that I did train at the studio until it closed. A few hours before the event, I spoke to Joe Devlin, former artistic director of the Focus Theatre, now director of Directions Out theatre company. We started off with where the book came from, then briefly talked about the theatre itself and what Joe is hoping the legacy of the book will be.

Five Decades in Focus book

Directions Out Website

Directions Out Facebook

Directions Out Twitter

Segment 2: 2039 Exhibition

ArtBox is running an exhibition called 2039 which is named after an asteroid called asteroid 2039 Payne Gaposchkin which was discovered by Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin. The exhibition features the scientist's portrait and works inspired by her discoveries. The artists that created the works are Emer O Boyle and Méadhbh O’Connor. I did a walkthrough with director of Artbox, Hilary Murray and went though some of the items that are on display.

2039 Exhibition

Segment 3: Dublin Inquirer

Last week Dublin Creative Review did a collaboration with Dublin Inquirer. I profiled 4 spoken word artists in the lead up to the Lingo festival in Smock Alley Theatre over 2 days. That spoken word festival may be over but the profiles are still worth your time. Don't believe me? Here is a sample of some of the recordings.

Listen To These Spoken-Word Poets From Lingo Festival on Dublin Inqurier

Episode 13: Lingo Festival 2015, Love and Robots pop up store, Firehouse Film Contest

Erin Foroff is one of the co-creators and co-founders of Lingo Festival. While Sebastian Stephenson continuously says Lingu instead of Lingo thoughout this episode, he does manage to ask about spoken word in Ireland and the "modern revolution" that spoken word is having at the minute. We also discuss prior to now how spoken word has been always in a sense invisible or the glue that holds that the Irish literary and music scene. We also have reports on Love and Robots' pop up shop on 5 Dame Lane where you can have very own bowtie or necklace printed for you. We also check the Firehouse Film Contest in A4 Sounds and we talk to the creators of the Jazz Lab.

Lingo Festival website

Lingo Festival Twitter

Lingo Festival Facebook

Segment 1: Love and Robots pop up store

A new pop up store has appeared at 5 Dame Lane, Love and Robots is a accessories brand the creates individual pieces of bow ties, jewellery, clocks and wall art that are designed to specification on loveandrobots.com then printed using 3D printers and CNC routers. For example if you wanted a striped bowtie, instead of printing the pattern onto the bowties, it is cut out of the bowtie. Now you can do this in store and see the intricate and 3 dimensional patterns you can print. One of the founders, Aoibheann O'Daly, joins me on walkthrough the space the day before its set to open.

Love and Robots

Love and Robots Facebook

Love and Robots Twitter

Location of Pop Up Store

Segment 2: Firehouse Film Contest

The Firehouse Film Contest has just recently moved into A4 Sounds and I joined them for their first event there. I then talked to the organisers about how they got the festival started and why the future of the contest involve love and bubble baths. Don't know what the Firehouse Film Contest is? Let one of the organisers explain it to you.

Firehouse Film Contest website

Firehouse Film Contest Facebook

Segment 3: The Jazz Lab

Ever took a fancy to Jazz? Well you can pick it up to play at The Jazz Lab or just listen at the Jazz Jam Session in the Grand Social both set up by Marco Santaroni and Cote Calmet. The Jazz Lab provides training for serious ensemble jazz and the Jazz Jam Sessions are for playing serious ensemble Jazz. For fans, you can listen in on the sessions or sign up to the masterclass to learn a deeper appreciation for Jazz. I spoke to both men about where the idea came from in the Metro Cafe on South William Street.

The Jazz Lab Website

Episode 12: George Boyle from Fumbally Exchange, DRAFF Magazine, Phever radio

George Boyle is the founder of Fumbally Exchange. This month they are celebrating their 5th anniversary. We speak about the emotional journey and awakening experience that is losing your lifetime job and starting your own venture and how that is root of origin for Fumbally Exchange. We talk about how the Fumbally Exchange fosters and maintains its culture and translates that into other branches such as in Wexford and Balbriggan. We also talk about some of the challenges of maintaining the Fumbally Exchange as a place of creation and as a brand. For our reports, it all a bit media themed this edition. We start by speaking to the editors of newly launched DRAFF magazine that displays the raw material of stage and dance craft, not writing about it. We also report on Phever, a radio and tv internet stream that is promoting the Irish underground DJ music scene as the recently move into a new headquarters.

Fumbally Exchange website

Fumbally Exchange facebook

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Segment 1: DRAFF Magazine

DRAFF Magazine is a new culture magazine that is focused on theatre & dance. However it doesn't go and write, what is on the stage at the moment, instead it gives a sideways take or deepens your appreciation for the work that is in front of you. Draff collects those fragments of thoughts, notes, sketches and collages that go into making theatre which are going on stage over the next few months. I spoke to the three editors about where the idea for the magazine came from in the Projects Arts Centre on a Friday morning and you can hear the bar next door being refilled for the evevning but first lets introduce the editors.

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Segment 2: Phever

A radio station and television station has just recently moved headquarters. Phever set up by Dean Sherry is a station that is promoting the Irish underground music DJ Scene. Showcasing the finest disc jockeys around and the freshly apprenticed by the station. You can listen to their sets on TuneIn or watch a DJ at work on Livestream. Dean Sherry talked me though their plans for the new studio in north Dublin. we then talked about the range of music on the stream and the story of just keeping the show going.

Phever Website

Phever on TuneIn

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Episode 11: Eirways Magazine, DubLUDO, ASK! Has The Artist Been Paid?

Eirways is a print magazine exploring Irishness. The editor, Kieran O'Hare is our guest on this edition of Dublin Creative Review. We discuss who the audience is (hint not just the people on the island of Ireland), an emerging theme of emigration in the magazine, the international trend of independent print magazines and the larger meaning of it. This edition also looks at DubLUDO, an event where Irish game makers test out their latest video game prototypes for feedback and we look at Visual Artists Ireland campaign to Ask! Has the Artist been Paid?

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Segment 1: DubLUDO

September 2015 is a big month for video games in Ireland. On the 10th there is Games Ireland, a professionals conference where the industry meets and exchange knowledge and insights: Then the Irish Game Makers Association(or shorten to IMRIT) is nominating members for their first broad of IMRIT this month, another event happening the day before Games Ireland is DubLUDO, an informal event where game makers show off their latest video game prototypes. I went to the Liquor Rooms to find out more about what was up for feedback.

DubLUDO Twitter

IrishGameDev Facebook Group

Segment 2: Ask! Has The Artist Been Paid?

Around this time of year, arts organisation are thinking about next years output and the funding needed for that output according to Noel Kelly, Director of Visual Artists Ireland. Noel's organisation represents visual artists and has a campaign which has spread beyond the life of the visual artist and into all arts in this country. Ask! Has the Artist Been Paid? is a campaign to makes sure that artists commissioned by publicly funded bodies receive equitable pay. The campaign has been around since 2012 and this month is an awareness month for the campaign. I talked to Noel about what the campaign is doing and the baffling attitudes from some of the establishment towards artists but first we talked about the research that lead to this campaign.

Ask! Has the Artist Been Paid? Facebook event

Payment Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists

Ask! Has the Artist Been Paid? on Visual Artist Ireland [NI]

Episode 10: Kris Nelson from Tiger Fringe Festival 2015, Open Night Cinema, Irish Writers Centre

Kris Nelson, Artistic Director of Dublin Tiger Fringe speaks to Sebastian Stephenson for this edition. We discuss how Kris uses his taste when it comes to designing each years programme; how OTT wresting became apart of this years festival, and how Fringe is looking beyond the Marriage Equality Referendum and Gender Equality Bill in its programme. We also talk about the status of the arts in Canadian and Irish Society. We also talk to Open Night Cinema in their exploration of all elements of cinema, and check in on the Irish Writers Centre autumn courses.

Episode 9: HACKFEST/A4 Sounds, Dublin 2020, PressRecord.tv, Crowdfunding projects

Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Gareth Lyons, creator of HACKFEST and Andy Edgar, one of the managing directors for A4 Sounds. We speak about the aesthetics of Gareth's underground/alternative animation festival, the spectrum of animation on offer and how he got the festival started last year. Andy tells us the history of A4 Sounds, which is a multidisciplinary art organisation that provides for a board and electric mix of creatives. We also speak about the importance of messy space to produce creative work. Throughout the episode, we also check out online live music series, Press Record.tv, talk to Dublin 2020 about their European Capital of Eulture bid and review some of the pitches on crowdfunding sites looking for support right now.