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Episode 30: Jack Olohan, Firstage, RUA RED Young Curators Projects 2016 Presents: Not Necessarily Naughty

Jack Olohan was one of the co-founders of Radiomade. Sebastian Stephenson talks about the demise of Radiomade and talk about the challenge of building a community. We also talk about his pursuit of becoming actor. We talk about weather being apart of acting family helps or hinders a career in acting and the attitudes that have changed towards what you need to be an actor in Ireland today. We also have reports on an new augmented reality music service called Firstage and we talk to some of the members of the RUA RED Young Curators Project 2016 about their exhibition.

Segment 1: Firstage

About 2 weeks ago, No 9 on Wellington Quay got a new resident. It's a startup called Firstage. Firstage is an augmented reality or AR music service. It is an app that allows to watch a live performance right in front of you. Currently on phones but in the future on dedicated AR devices. To be clear, AR is where you overlay digital information on top of the real world where as VR creates new ones. I spoke to a co-founder at their new studio, Keith Lawler, about where the idea come from.

Firstage Website

Firstage on Android

Firstage on iOS

Segment 2: RUA RED Young Curators Project 2016 presents Not Necessarily Naughty

The Rua Red Young Curators Project has opened its exhibition for the 3rd year. The project selects young creatives for a 4 month long project which involves meeting artists, studio visits and of course viewing other exhibitions with an end goal of making a exhibition in Rua Red. Their exhibition called Not Necessarily Naughty features works that explore ideas around social media, illusive beauty standards and collective societal thinking and their impact on young people in the 21st century. I spoke to four of the seven curators, Karl Graham, Ellen Redmond, Orla McGovern, Rosin White and their facilitator Andy Parsons about the ideas running through the exhibition and the works of the artists themselves.

Not Necessarily Naughty exhibition in Rua Red