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Episode 19: Cian O'Brien of Project Arts Centre, Block T's future, usheru and creative courses for 2016

Cian O'Brien is the Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre. Our first guest for 2016 discusses with Sebastian Stephenson what has learned the past year and the past five as the head of Project Arts, why 2016 is going to be a good year for the arts, and what is happening in the Project Arts Centre for its 50th year run. We also report on the future of Block T in light of its closure in Haymarket House, we look at the launch of new app that will find your new favourite film(and a film distributor find a new favourite demographic), and we look at some new creative courses available in spring 2016.

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Segment 1: Block T moving out of Haymarket House

Back in January, Dublin learned that Block T would be moving out of its premises. Born in the recession and has become a independent creative development space that has let creative businesses boom, festivals thrive and let creatives work on a new project or learn a new skill. It has been in its current premises in Haymarket House for 6 years. So what's next for Block T? I spoke the two cofounders of Block T to discuss what is the future for Block T, how their request for spaces has gone so far and how is came to this in the first place.

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Segment 2: usheru

A new app has launched in Dublin and its called Usheru. It allows you to keep track of film events, film festivals and ordinary cinema listings. In time it will also have exclusive events that are only available though Usheru. You then can buy the tickets for your screening in the app and then rate the film. That data is then used to make sure you don't miss that film you would just love. It's also aggregated to give cinema and film distributers a overview of what audiences there are for their films. Giving the film industry hard information about what the audience wants. The app first launched in London and I asked one of the founders, Oliver Fegan, why then the next city on the list was Dublin.


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Segment 3: Course for 2016

Sebastian Stephenson talks though some of the courses that around over spring 2016.

Stone Lithography Workshop by Independent Editions

BLOCK T Skillsets: Sewing Machine Basics - Re-Purposing Old Clothes

Filmmaking Essentials: 5 Days, 5 Skills in Filmbase

Big Smoke Drop-in one hour writing class