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Episode 21: David Wall from Workgroup, F_Festival and what's new in Indigo and Cloth

David Wall is a co-founder of Workgroup. Formerly under the name of Conor & David, Sebastian Stephenson talks to David about the works produced for clients such as 3FE, Kilkenny Limestone and the Úll conference. David talks about how doing work for theatre companies gave them the credibility they have today along with discussing some of their own projects such their own typefaces under TypeGroup and their involvement with the Tingbot project. We also report on a festival showcasing creative women in the arts and beyond called F_Festival and we check in on menswear store Indigo and Cloth.

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Segment 1: F_Festival 2016

Last year the question of women in Irish theatre was raised by the Waking The Feminists movement but what about the rest of the arts? This is where F_Festival comes in. Conceived by the group running it after International Women's Day 2015, it showcases creative women in comedy, film, art and music and a bit beyond the arts categories in the talks section. I spoke to Jana Platau-Wagner and Jack Olohan who are apart of the F_Festival team. We talked about where did the idea come from, is there a relationship to Waking the Feminists movement and what is actually coming up as part of the festival.

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Segment 2: What's New: Indigo and Cloth

A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode we pop-in to Indigo and Cloth to check out what's in stock.

Indigo and Cloth

INSTRMNT 01 B RG/B (Rose Gold/Brown) Watch

Derek Wilson x Indigo and Cloth ceramics

'Duibhlinn' Print