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Episode 25: District Magazine, The Souvenir Shop and Mr Jenks Spring Summer 2016 Collection

District Magazine is having their launch party after 3 years of publishing online. Sebastian Stephenson asks why now. District Magazine is a digital magazine that focuses on the internal and external influences in Ireland. The editors Eric Davidson and Craig Connelly speak about the relationship between identity and music festivals, their distinctive website and how District Magazine has changed editorially. We also report on an Ireland 2016 art installation that productises the revolution at The Souvenir Shop and we check out the spring/summer 2016 collection of bright pocket squares from Mr Jenks.

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Segment 1: The Souvenir Shop

In No.11 North Great Georges Street, the revolution has been productised. The Souvenir Shop is a commission by the Arts Council that has the artist Rita Duffy, along with curator Helen Carey, divise products that can and bottle our political past and even our immediate present. After passing though the dissident republications 1916 parade on O'Connell Street, I meet Rita in No 11 the day before the shop was set to open and talked though what remedies and goods were on offer.

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Segment 2: Mr Jenks' Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Mr Jenks is a Dublin-based accessories brand that was established in 2015 and creates bright flamboyant pockets squares. They have recently released their spring summer 2016 collection and I spoke to William Jenkins and Maeve Elliott at the Castleknock hotel to talk though their collection and find out about the story behind the Mr Jenks brand.

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