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Episode 3: JDIFF 2015 with Clara Rose Thornton, International Game Music Festival, NCAD Student Action

A JDIFF discussion gone down the rabble hole, in a good way. Clara Rose Thornton is our guest. Clara is a culture journalist, radio and television broadcaster, spoken word artist; poetry workshop instructor, and promoter. You have heard her on RTE radio and television along with various print publications. We start talking about the film, All About Eva, that was made for €7000. Made part-time without any professional crew this lead us into the Irish film industry perception of itself and how that differs from the rest of the world. We talk about Irelands self-destructive, self-deprecative culture and it just gets way more interesting. We also find out more about the first International Dublin Game Music Festival. Finally we talk to NCAD Student Action about the problems between management and students.

(Note: We mentioned the film All Aboout Eva was made for €7000. We discovered the initial budget was this figure, it was eventually raised to €60,000)

Clara Rose Thornton

All About Eva

International Game Music Festival

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