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Episode 12: George Boyle from Fumbally Exchange, DRAFF Magazine, Phever radio

George Boyle is the founder of Fumbally Exchange. This month they are celebrating their 5th anniversary. We speak about the emotional journey and awakening experience that is losing your lifetime job and starting your own venture and how that is root of origin for Fumbally Exchange. We talk about how the Fumbally Exchange fosters and maintains its culture and translates that into other branches such as in Wexford and Balbriggan. We also talk about some of the challenges of maintaining the Fumbally Exchange as a place of creation and as a brand. For our reports, it all a bit media themed this edition. We start by speaking to the editors of newly launched DRAFF magazine that displays the raw material of stage and dance craft, not writing about it. We also report on Phever, a radio and tv internet stream that is promoting the Irish underground DJ music scene as the recently move into a new headquarters.

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Segment 1: DRAFF Magazine

DRAFF Magazine is a new culture magazine that is focused on theatre & dance. However it doesn't go and write, what is on the stage at the moment, instead it gives a sideways take or deepens your appreciation for the work that is in front of you. Draff collects those fragments of thoughts, notes, sketches and collages that go into making theatre which are going on stage over the next few months. I spoke to the three editors about where the idea for the magazine came from in the Projects Arts Centre on a Friday morning and you can hear the bar next door being refilled for the evevning but first lets introduce the editors.

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Segment 2: Phever

A radio station and television station has just recently moved headquarters. Phever set up by Dean Sherry is a station that is promoting the Irish underground music DJ Scene. Showcasing the finest disc jockeys around and the freshly apprenticed by the station. You can listen to their sets on TuneIn or watch a DJ at work on Livestream. Dean Sherry talked me though their plans for the new studio in north Dublin. we then talked about the range of music on the stream and the story of just keeping the show going.

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