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Episode 27: Ensemble Music, Glitch Festival 2016, Junior Magazine, Kojaque's Sunday Roast Mixtape

Rob Farhat is the co-founder of Ensemble Music. A music company that support artists who take musical risks, while providing them with good business, marketing, and production support. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Rob about how they are moving to become a record label and what that means. We discuss what kind of sound ensemble looks(we can say that genre fusion-ing is not it). We also talk though their collaborations with artists and some of the more integrated relationships including the their partnership with the Late Conor Walsh. We also have reports on the 2016 Digital Arts Festival, Glitch. We check in with the co-founder of new photographic journal Junior as they launch their first issue and we check out Hiphip artist Kojaque and his Sunday Roast Mixtape.

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Artists mentioned

  1. Alarmist
  2. Conor Walsh

Segment 1: Glitch Festival 2016

The 2016 Glitch Festival's theme this year is risk and are tackling the issue of women in media and tech. The digital arts festival is running in two galleries, Rua Red in Taillight and Rathmines-based MART. I went down to Rua Red and talked to Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin, who are curating this years festival and I asked what they were setting up when I arrived.

Glitch Festival 2016 Events in Rua Red

Glitch Festival 2016 Event in MART

Segment 2: Junior Magazine

A new photographic journal called Junior is launching on the 27th May in The Library Project. Junior profiles and highlights young irish photographers. I spoke to the two founders of the magazine, George Voronov and Ellis Grace outside Coffee Angel on a busy Leinster Street and we talked about what this journal offers is relation to the other Irish photographic journals and where the idea come from.

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Segment 3: Kojaque's Sunday Roast Mixtape

Back in April, hiphop artist Kojaque released a body of tracks called Sunday Roast Mixtape. I meet up with Kojaque in Roasted Brown and we talked about his recent release.

Download Sunday Roast Mixtape

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