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Episode 48: Homebeat, Hunt the Book Thief, Nantosuelta Entertainment

Emmet Condon is the founder of Homebeat. Homebeat does "independent, alternative space focused music promotion & heartfelt event production". They also run the festival "Another Love Story" with Happenings. Emmet talks about the origins of the company, his search for himself in his 20's, how the Irish music and festival scene has changed over the years and what coming up with Homebeat soon. We also report on Legos hidden around the Marsh Library and check the new film production company Nantosuelta Entertainment.


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Segment 1: Hunt The Book Thief, part of Hunting Stolen Books exhibition

Over at the Marsh Library on St. Patrick Close, Over 1,200 books have been stolen from the library. They are running an exhibition on some of those books which have been found, recovered or in some cases another copy was brought. One part of that exhibition has Lego book thiefs spread around the library for children or uninhibited adults to spot. I spoke to Jason McElligott, Keeper of the Marsh Library who me told where the idea came from.

Marsh’s LEGO ® Minifigures Hunt in Marsh Library

Segment 2: Nantosuelta Entertainment

A new film production company has launched with its headquarters in Dublin and an office in Los Angeles. Nantosuelta Entertainment is founded by film broker, Shari O'Donnell and Edwina Forkin of Zanzibar Films. The company has two focuses: Production of Irish themed films and to provide a way for film producers to finance their films with the use of the Section 481 32% tax incentive which with them can be recouped upfront. Without Nantosuelta Entertainment you can on get the tax credit in instalments or on completion of production. Shari O'Donnel spoke to me over Skype about why this is a selling point for the company.

Nantosuelta Entertainment