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Episode 14: Experimental Film Society, Five Decades in Focus, 2039 Exhibition

Rouzbeh Rashid and Maximilian Le Cain are members of the Experimental Film Society. Sebastian Stephenson discusses their perspective on the medium of film, how EFS moved from Iran to Ireland, how they don't make "experimental cinema" but film and we also talk about their latest or upcoming works; Rouzbeh's Trailers and Max's Cloud of Skin. This episode also checks in on a book launch for the Focus Theatre's latest photo book which shows the 50 years of theatre they have produced. We also walkthrough an exhibition dedicated to an asteroid and we profile spoken word artists for a collaboration with Dublin Inquirer.

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Segment 1: Five Decades in Focus - A Photographic history of Ireland's Stanislavski Theatre

On Wednesday the 14th October, the New Theatre was hosting a book launch. That book launch was a photo book to celebrate 50 years of pushing the standard for Irish theatre up. Five Decades in Focus is a photographic archive of the output of the theatre that introduced modern actor training to Ireland, known as Stanislavsky. I should disclose that I did train at the studio until it closed. A few hours before the event, I spoke to Joe Devlin, former artistic director of the Focus Theatre, now director of Directions Out theatre company. We started off with where the book came from, then briefly talked about the theatre itself and what Joe is hoping the legacy of the book will be.

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Segment 2: 2039 Exhibition

ArtBox is running an exhibition called 2039 which is named after an asteroid called asteroid 2039 Payne Gaposchkin which was discovered by Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin. The exhibition features the scientist's portrait and works inspired by her discoveries. The artists that created the works are Emer O Boyle and Méadhbh O’Connor. I did a walkthrough with director of Artbox, Hilary Murray and went though some of the items that are on display.

2039 Exhibition

Segment 3: Dublin Inquirer

Last week Dublin Creative Review did a collaboration with Dublin Inquirer. I profiled 4 spoken word artists in the lead up to the Lingo festival in Smock Alley Theatre over 2 days. That spoken word festival may be over but the profiles are still worth your time. Don't believe me? Here is a sample of some of the recordings.

Listen To These Spoken-Word Poets From Lingo Festival on Dublin Inqurier