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Episode 20: New Dublin Press, Scene + Heard, Lime Street Music

Jonathan Creasy is co-founder of New Dublin Press. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to this week guest and talked about what New Dublin Press is, what has changed over the 4 years since it was set up, why poetry is so compatible with digital culture but has yet to be used widely online and we also talk about the difficulty of being a full time musician in Ireland. We also report on the theme that have surfaced during the new works-in-progress festival, Scene + Heard and we check out a Berlin Bar night that showcases new Dublin Based Record labels.

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PANDAEMONIUM piece from New Dublin Press

Segment 1: Scene + Heard

At the moment in Smock Alley, there is a new works-in-progress festival that is filling the void left behind by other festivals. What makes Scene + Heard different is that it focuses beyond theatre and goes into all live performance arts such as spoken word, live music and comedy. It also places a big emphasis on audience critique with video booths and social media campaigns to find out what you thought. I spoke the producer of Scene + Heard, Caoimhe Connolly about some of the themes that surfaced from this years submissions and talk about the gap Scene + Heard is filling left behind by other festivals.

Scene + Heard festival

Segment 2: Label Nites in Berlin Cafe & Bierhaus; Lime Street Music

Their is a new semi-regular night in Berlin on Clarendon Street, that showcases some Dubiln based record labels. The first night was on February the 13th and was showcasing Lime Street Music debuting its first EP. I spoke to the label owner David Hargadon outside Berlin the night they were setting up the vinyl display in the bar and he talked to me about how he set up the label and what the goal is for Lime Street music.

Note: So turns out, calling it a Dublin based record label night was not quite accurate. Its definitely showcasing record labels but not exclusively from Dublin, its from Ireland as a nation and then the person running the night is hoping that it can go beyond Ireland. Lime Street Music is Dublin based though. Sorry for the inaccuracy.

Tracks played in report in order:

  1. A2. Jungle Trip by Marvis Dee
  2. A1. Dreams Of Another Planet by Marvis Dee

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