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Episode 24: 100 Archive 2015 Selection, Fillit and check-in with Homebeat's Thirty Four cafe

The 2015 100 Archive was made public last week. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to one of the co-founders of the 100 Archive to comment on this year selection. The 100 Archive is a collected history of Irish design. Scott Burnett from Studio AAD is with us to talk about some of the 100 entries added for 2015 such as the YES equality campaign, Irish Design 2015, Teeling Whiskey, RTE and BBC Projects and more. We also report on a new start up that is looking to be the Airbnb of venue hire and check-in on Thirty Four cafe selling Irish produced music.

100 Archive: 2015 Selection

Entries discussed in order

  1. Yes Equality
  2. ID2015 Visual Identity
  3. ID2015 Design Island app
  4. ID2015 Travelling Exhibition
  5. Skoff by Donal Skehan
  6. Teeling Whiskey brand strategy
  7. Linn Dara
  8. H&G website
  9. RTE Player International app
  10. BBC Moments

##Segment 1: Fillit
Have you got a spare space or venue that you like to hire out for uses such as book launches, film locations or just provide a place for private events? Fillit may be a good place to start. It's a start up that allows you to post your space on their online platform so you can hire it out. Gianni Clifford, creative director of Fillit, tells us the types of spaces they are looking for and the levels of control landlords have on the platform but first he tells us who their looking for to hire out the spaces.

Fillit website

##Segment 2: What's New: Thirty Four cafe
A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode we head to recently opened cafe run by Music Production and Promotion company HomeBeat, Thirty Four cafe.

Thirty Four cafe