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Episode 45: Bodytonic, Live Collision 2017, A History of Play, IFI Spotlight 2017

Trevor O'Shea is the man behind Bodytonic. Owner of Wigwam, The Bernard Shaw, Its own record label, Eatyard, The Beatyard Festival among a lot more things. From music to food to tech. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Trevor about how he manages it all, what have been some of the endeavorers that didn't work out, forecasting the music industry and more. We also report on a new exhibition in Draíocht called A History of Play, check out what's coming up in Live Art festival, Live Collision and change the irish film state of the industry with IFI Spotlight 2017.


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Segment 1: Live Collision Festival 2017

The Live Collision International Festival returns for 2017. The live art festival brings international acts as well as national to the Project Arts Centre and other spaces around Dublin. It also provides a year round producing house which helps artists and companies to produce works at various stages of development. The festival is focused on the creative and developmental arc of the artist over their lifetime and the immediate presentness of live art.The festival director, Lynette Moran told me what this means when the festival comes round each year.

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Segment 2: A History of Play by Eamon O'Kane

A History of Play is an exhibition by Eamon O'Kane and its about Kindergarten. Its interactive and has been in many cities around the world and its based on the idea and objects by the inventor of Kindergarten, Friedrich Fröbel. It is currently in Draíocht in Blanchstown and is part of a series of works that have been curated by Sharon Murphy, the 2017 Curator-in-Residence. The series is looking at youth culture and visual culture. In the exhibition there are objects inspired by what are called Fröbels Gifts which are toys to foster creativity and expression and Eamon described to me what is in the space.

A History of Play in Dríaocht

Sharon Murphy Curator in Residence 2017 - Dríaocht Blog

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Segment 3: IFI Spotlight 2017

The Irish Film Institute held their annual review of the Irish Film Industry on the 7th April. The event is called IFI Spotlight and seeks to provide a creative and industrial overview of what the Irish Film Industry was in 2016. I went along to the event to see discussions on copyright, gender equality and the advertising portion of the industry and I will give you a brief rundown of some of the insights gleaned from the day.

IFI Spotlight 2017