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Episode 11: Eirways Magazine, DubLUDO, ASK! Has The Artist Been Paid?

Eirways is a print magazine exploring Irishness. The editor, Kieran O'Hare is our guest on this edition of Dublin Creative Review. We discuss who the audience is (hint not just the people on the island of Ireland), an emerging theme of emigration in the magazine, the international trend of independent print magazines and the larger meaning of it. This edition also looks at DubLUDO, an event where Irish game makers test out their latest video game prototypes for feedback and we look at Visual Artists Ireland campaign to Ask! Has the Artist been Paid?

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Segment 1: DubLUDO

September 2015 is a big month for video games in Ireland. On the 10th there is Games Ireland, a professionals conference where the industry meets and exchange knowledge and insights: Then the Irish Game Makers Association(or shorten to IMRIT) is nominating members for their first broad of IMRIT this month, another event happening the day before Games Ireland is DubLUDO, an informal event where game makers show off their latest video game prototypes. I went to the Liquor Rooms to find out more about what was up for feedback.

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Segment 2: Ask! Has The Artist Been Paid?

Around this time of year, arts organisation are thinking about next years output and the funding needed for that output according to Noel Kelly, Director of Visual Artists Ireland. Noel's organisation represents visual artists and has a campaign which has spread beyond the life of the visual artist and into all arts in this country. Ask! Has the Artist Been Paid? is a campaign to makes sure that artists commissioned by publicly funded bodies receive equitable pay. The campaign has been around since 2012 and this month is an awareness month for the campaign. I talked to Noel about what the campaign is doing and the baffling attitudes from some of the establishment towards artists but first we talked about the research that lead to this campaign.

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Payment Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists

Ask! Has the Artist Been Paid? on Visual Artist Ireland [NI]