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Episode 47: The Fumbally, In Perpetuity by Lucy McKenna, Attached to Memory by Ailbhe Reedy

Aisling Rogerson is a founder of The Fumbally cafe and The Fumbally Stables. Sebastian Stephenson shares a glass of kefir and a baked good or two with Aisling and discuss Irish food, running the cafe without burning themselves out and constantly examining how to be sustainable. We also report on the new EP "Attached to Memory" from Ailbhe Reddy and check out a work in process exhibition that is looking at making a language to speak to extra terrestrials.

The Fumbally website

Segment 1: Attached to Memory by Ailbhe Reddy

Ailbhe Reddy is releasing a new EP called Attached to Memory. This is her second EP, her first being "Hollowed Out Sea". She has received much media coverage and attention from listeners with almost 2 million streams on spotify. I spoke to Ailbhe in Ranelagh Gardens Park, about the ep and how her folk music has changed over the two releases and what is coming up next for her.

Ailbhe Reddy's website

Segment 2: In Perpetuity by Lucy McKenna

In Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Lucy McKenna has created a language that is meant to beam across the universe and she exhibiting it in the Atrium Space. The exhibition is called In Perpetuity and its part of a work in progress to explore how you would communicate with other beings if you didn't know how they spoke to one another. This language is one experiment & looks very geometric and a lot look they could be corporate logos. I spoke to Lucy surrounded by the exhibition about where the idea to do this had come from.

In Perpetuity