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Episode 26: Chupi Sweetman, The New Irish Playbook and VR Community Ireland

Chupi Sweetman has recently opened a new store. Showcasing the best contemporary Irish products in a collaboration with Lisa Nolan from We Are Islanders. Sebastian Stephenson speaks to Chupi about [ MADE ] and what its role in the Irish retail scene is. We also talk about her jewellery brand, Chupi and her food writing with the book, What to Eat When You Can't Eat Anything and we ponder if her home schooling had any impact on her multiple successes and we discuss the competing narratives of Ireland either being a nation or self starters or complainers. We also report on a new theatre series called the New Irish Playbook and we check in on a meet up that has Dubliners look at the what can be done with Virtual Reality.


[ MADE ] in Powerscourt Centre

[ MADE ] Instagram account

Segment 1: The New Irish Playbook

The New Irish Playbook is a week long theatre event of debuting directors and upcoming actors and writers. Showcasing 6 short productions each evening with one of the 6 slots switching out between 2 different plays. I spoke to the producer of the night from Little Shadow Theatre Company, Joe O'Neill. We talked about the works themselves and I asked from the open submission call for the night, was their a common thread between the submitted scripts.

The New Irish Playbook Event

Little Shadow Theatre Company Facebook Page

Little Shadow Theatre Company Twitter Page

Segment 2: VR Community Ireland

2016 is now the year of VR, since we now have the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive both released a few months ago. So what are people in Dublin doing with virtual reality and what can be done with it? Their is a new group set up that is focused exactly on these questions. I went to the 4th meet up in filmbase and spoke to the organiser of the group and also tried out some of the demonstrations.

VR Community Group on Facebook