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Episode 13: Lingo Festival 2015, Love and Robots pop up store, Firehouse Film Contest

Erin Foroff is one of the co-creators and co-founders of Lingo Festival. While Sebastian Stephenson continuously says Lingu instead of Lingo thoughout this episode, he does manage to ask about spoken word in Ireland and the "modern revolution" that spoken word is having at the minute. We also discuss prior to now how spoken word has been always in a sense invisible or the glue that holds that the Irish literary and music scene. We also have reports on Love and Robots' pop up shop on 5 Dame Lane where you can have very own bowtie or necklace printed for you. We also check the Firehouse Film Contest in A4 Sounds and we talk to the creators of the Jazz Lab.

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Segment 1: Love and Robots pop up store

A new pop up store has appeared at 5 Dame Lane, Love and Robots is a accessories brand the creates individual pieces of bow ties, jewellery, clocks and wall art that are designed to specification on loveandrobots.com then printed using 3D printers and CNC routers. For example if you wanted a striped bowtie, instead of printing the pattern onto the bowties, it is cut out of the bowtie. Now you can do this in store and see the intricate and 3 dimensional patterns you can print. One of the founders, Aoibheann O'Daly, joins me on walkthrough the space the day before its set to open.

Love and Robots

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Location of Pop Up Store

Segment 2: Firehouse Film Contest

The Firehouse Film Contest has just recently moved into A4 Sounds and I joined them for their first event there. I then talked to the organisers about how they got the festival started and why the future of the contest involve love and bubble baths. Don't know what the Firehouse Film Contest is? Let one of the organisers explain it to you.

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Segment 3: The Jazz Lab

Ever took a fancy to Jazz? Well you can pick it up to play at The Jazz Lab or just listen at the Jazz Jam Session in the Grand Social both set up by Marco Santaroni and Cote Calmet. The Jazz Lab provides training for serious ensemble jazz and the Jazz Jam Sessions are for playing serious ensemble Jazz. For fans, you can listen in on the sessions or sign up to the masterclass to learn a deeper appreciation for Jazz. I spoke to both men about where the idea came from in the Metro Cafe on South William Street.

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