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Episode 28: Dublin Commissioner for Startups, The Chocolate Factory, Eatily and Arts Funding

Niamh Bushnell is the Dublin Commissioner for Startups. A non-profit group that advocates for Dublin as a tech start up hub. Sebastian Stephenson talks to Niamh about the state of starting up in Dublin. We talk about what ways they promote Dublin as a tech hub and make it a better place to be a start up in Dublin. We also discuss the amount of women founders that are in Ireland considering techs diversity problem. We also check in on what's happening in creative space, the Chocolate Factory; talk to Oliver Dunne the day when he is opening his new italian pop up, Eatily and talk though Arts Council funding that is going to opened up soon.

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Segment 1: What's New: The Chocolate Factory

A semi-regular feature that we have on Dublin Creative Review is a check in on what publishers, studios and shops are coming out with. For this episode we speak Val Rutledge, founder of creative space The Chocolate Factory to see what happening at the factory.

Resident Profiles from The Chocolate Factory website

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Segment 2: Eatily by Oliver Dunne

Eatily is a new pop up that opened on No. 40 Parliament Street this Wednesday the 8th June and opens from Wednesday to Saturday for 16 nights. It is looking to present Italian cuisine beyond the well trodden, pizza and pasta. The Italian pop up is by Oliver Dunne who is also the chef of Bon Appetite and Cleaver East. I spoke to Oliver in No. 40 Parliament Street, the day Eatily was set to open for the first time. He tells me about where the idea came from.

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Segment 3: Arts Council Funding June 2016

Sebastian Stephenson talks though some Arts Council funding that is coming soon.

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